"Humanity before religion." Paris rally in support of the victims of the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting."Humanity before religion." Paris rally in support of the victims of the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, which at that time meant freedom from state-sponsored religion that was common in Europe. A portion of your taxes could be involuntarily applied to pay the expenses of the state religion. You could not belong to another church, and if you wanted to express your beliefs that didn’t follow church doctrine, you had to buy a dissenter’s permit. When the state dictates religion, it is called a theocracy. They still exist today.

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Happy New Year

New Year’s Day usually makes us think of college football bowl games that have occurred all week. New Year’s resolutions often are forgotten within a few weeks, so they may seem pointless. But what if 2024 really brought something new? What if we were not just changing bad habits for good, but actually making significant changes?

It can be the psychological basis for second chance. That’s really the theological concept of the Christian religion. We call it salvation, but that word scares some people. Such dramatic changes usually occur over time.

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Mike Johnson, Speaker of the US House of RepresentativesMike Johnson
Speaker of the US House of Representatives

The election of Mike Johnson as the Speaker of the US House of Representatives has brought the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party to the forefront of politics. WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) by definition are racists, intolerant of any other religion, and won’t even consider the Catholic Church as legitimate.

As Evangelical Christians, they are rigid in the belief of one man, one woman as the only option in marriage. They ignore that many of the heroes of the Bible were polygamists. The word conservative implies an emphasis upon tradition and established social norms. But what does that mean if you reach back thousands of years?

They frequently attack homosexuals publicly, and especially politically. Their partners in the Republican Party have passed more than 600 anti-LGBTQ bills in state houses in the past year.

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