Tourist Running Fast

I have about 15,000 photos from my world travels. (I never made it to Asia, Africa, or South America.) I enjoy looking at that them because that’s all the travel I can afford to do anymore.

My infrequent flyer miles would get me nowhere. I couldn’t get through security because the TSA wouldn’t allow me to carry the long shoehorn that I would need to get my shoes back on. My passport has expired, and I might have died by the time I can get a new one. RDU charges more for parking for one night than I spend to eat out. The hotel bill for one night in a major city would cost more than my grocery bill for a month.

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Decorative Arts Center in Old SalemDecorative Arts Center in Old Salem

Winston-Salem is part of a region of north central North Carolina that includes Greensboro and High Point. The oldest town is Old Salem, which was founded in the 18th Century by the Moravians.

The industrial city of Winston was founded in the 19th Century to serve as the headquarters of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Hanes Mills, a textile mill. The towns were not formally merged until the early 20th Century. In the 1920’s Winston-Salem was the largest city in the state. The Metropolitan area now includes portions of five counties.

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Granville County Courthouse in OxfordGranville County Courthouse in Oxford

The town of Oxford is the County Seat of Granville County. It started in 1761 with a plantation home called Oxford. The town wasn’t incorporated until 1816, when it also was named the county seat. The first Masonic orphanage in the US was built in Oxford. It was established on the site of the former St. John’s College. It now is known simply as the Masonic Home for Children and has a beautiful modern campus.

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