Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh. © John SuddathMemorial Auditorium in Raleigh. © John Suddath

The Triangle of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill contains a wide range of venues and types of entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you prefer classical music or blue-grass, theater, dance, street fairs & shows, touring groups, concerts or intimate cabarets, the Triangle has an option for you.

The larger venues such as the Performing Arts Centers in downtown Raleigh and downtown Durham and the PNC Arena in Raleigh carry the national touring companies as well as local productions. The annual blue-grass festival draws thousands of people as well as the music festival in the big field in Dorothea Dix Park.

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The Joy of Well-Being by Colleen and Jacob WachobThe Joy of Well-Being by Colleen and Jacob Wachob

Book Review of The Joy of Well-Being by Colleen and Jacob Wachob

Intentions help you see the big picture…. Practices ground you in the moment…. The secret is to develop the ability to listen to your body and to be intentional about incorporating well-being into your life…. We are mostly sedentary creatures…. Our front stoops and backyards are not spontaneous meeting places…. Having a sense of purpose and a sense of what makes your life meaningful is linked to better health and a longer life…. We know these things are bad: chronic stress, lack of sleep, financial insecurity, aimlessness, and loneliness. You are the one who has to live with the consequences of your health decisions, so you have to be the one to call the shots…. If you don’t have a diagnosis, it’s impossible to get help from medical doctors.

The nine chapters of the book are about learning how to get those answers and to achieve better results:

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Miss Fisher’s Murder MysteriesMiss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Amazon recently renewed the first season of the decade-old Australian TV series titled “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.” It was filmed in Melbourne in an area made to look like the 1920’s. Her house is a hoot, the cars are from the period, and the storyline is incidental. It is hilarious. She is always involved in some mad adventure when she’s not sleeping with the hunk of the week. The music theme is authentic 1920’s Dixieland Jazz. Modern versions are too slow. I even bought an MP3 of the soundtrack with all the groovy tunes.

I had forgotten how much I loved the series. Unfortunately, Prime Video is only showing season one. If you want season two and three, you need to sign up for Acorn Video. This series is like what my mother loved about Agatha Christie’s stories. The murders were usually off screen, or at least not violent even though deadly. And no one cussed. I’ll admit these are even more contrived, and you never will figure out who “dun it” because they don’t give you the important information until the last minute. It’s more like a comedy series than a murder series, some of which these days are exceedingly grim.

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