Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold WarTurning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror

I guess you could describe these as two segments of a series: 2024: The Bomb and the Cold War and 2021: 9/11 And the War on Terror.

If you combine the two, you will have too many episodes to watch during a week. You need to choose one, wait a few weeks, and then do the other. It’s not the issue of lots of hours of TV viewing. It is the dense drama that is presented in a gripping manner that will keep you glued to your seat.

If you want to know the inside story of what happened not only inside the U.S Government, but also inside foreign governments, this is it. I learned so much about history. The reason was not only because so much was classified at the time, but also the cumulative effect of the interactions and the results. I felt like I had been asleep for 50 years even though I have read a lot of history.

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Raleigh Little Theatre Poster

Community Theater in the Triangle has rebounded following the pandemic that saw a lot of the smaller companies without university support go out of business. Just recently the North Carolina Theatre Co. filed for bankruptcy after offering Broadway musicals in Raleigh for 40 years. They simply couldn’t compete with the national touring productions at the Durham Performing Arts Center. DPAC is one of the largest theaters in the nation in terms of gross receipts.

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Streaming Services on Television Offer a Confusing Blizzard of Options

TV Streaming Services

With more than 200 services, making a decision of which to choose is difficult. Most services have different tier levels with pricing and content. All new TVs come with an Internet card so they can access the Internet. The options are usually already installed on the TV: Android, Roku, Google.

Some streaming services offer an alternative to cable, which requires a scrambler box to access cable channels. Some streaming services also include the most popular cable channels. Sports services and channels are different.

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