US Declaration of Independence

On July 4th, we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was only the first document our Founding Fathers produced. It was the justification for them to break their oath of loyalty to the King. Relations between the King, Parliament, and the Colonies had gotten so repressive that the only possible course was for the 13 former colonies to break away. Of course, this document led to the Revolutionary War.

Once the breach had been announced and before the war could be resolved, the Continental Congress had to create something to use as an operations manual until something more formal could be drawn up. Starting in 1777, they drew up the Articles of Confederation, which wasn’t ratified until nearly the end of the war in 1781. It loosely tied the former colonies together but didn’t provide for significant power or funding for a federal authority to govern.

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Trying to Get a Handle on the Climate Crisis

The scope of the climate changes taking effect is so vast that it is hard to focus on one aspect of the problem. The world weather is changing so fast that dramatic actions are needed now. The damages and recovery costs are real and not theoretical.

To quote from a UN Report: UN75: Shaping Our Future Together. 2020

“Disasters linked to climate and weather extremes have always been part of our Earth’s system. But they are becoming more frequent and intense as the world warms. No continent is left untouched, with heatwaves, droughts, typhoons, and hurricanes causing mass destruction…. 90 per cent of disasters are now classed as weather- and climate-related, costing the world economy 520 billion USD each year.”

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End Systemic Racism

Systemic Racism is shorthand for discriminatory policies in education, employment, housing, politics, and the judicial system. We have less institutional racism in governing than we used to, but recent threats to the Voting Rights Act show that it is a continuing battle.

The range of people of color now includes not only African Americans, but also Asian Americans, Latinos and Native Americans. Each of these groups has its own cultural identity that is suppressed by the majority Caucasians. White Supremacy has become a flag for bigots who fear a loss of power, who also respond with bitterness, anger, and violence.

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