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The News & Observer recently ran a long feature about the Directors of County Election Boards and the problems they face. The N&O also took the unprecedented step of listing the salaries of the directors in all 100 counties. In some small counties, they have no staff and must depend upon volunteers.

Two years ago, the gerrymandered districts for both federal and state candidates and the maps had to quickly be redrawn before elections. The candidates also had to choose which new district they wished to represent. The boundaries in the 2024 election stood and were used in the spring primaries. The new requirement for voter IDs was applied in the primaries, but it is being contested for the fall election in a lawsuit. There are also some Republican primary second run-off elections still to be held.

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The Story of Citizens United v FEC

Our Elections Are Not Rigged, but our Electoral System is Broken.

In 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling reversing a 2002 law that had imposed restrictions on election spending by corporations, unions, and other public entities. The court reasoned that the 1st Amendment did not allow for any restrictions on free speech. Although these restrictions were limited to a narrow reach related to political speech by specific groups, the court ruled that no restrictions could be applied.

Citizens United was a conservative political action group that had been formed in response to the McCain-Feingold Act that imposed certain restrictions in 2002. A series of lawsuits followed that challenged those restrictions that eventually ended up in the Supreme Court.

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

The primaries in North Carolina will be March 5th. No real contest on the Presidential candidates. The Governor’s race is tighter with the Democrats having two leading candidates that may run to the wire. Nobody pays any attention to the Lt. Governor race, which is why we ended up with the unfortunate results the last time. The Democrats also appear to have a contest for Attorney General, and they may take back the Insurance Commissioner’s slot.

The Gerrymandering of legislative districts (both federal and state) is still being contested, but the ballots (and candidates) in the NC primaries follow the new alignments. Speculation is that the GOP will gain more seats from NC in the Congress. They already hold a majority in the House & Senate in the NC General Assembly.

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