Gay Pride Eventsphoto: Guillaume Paumier, CC-BY

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) lists 115 gay pride events starting May 10th and running through September 8th. That list doesn’t include any in North Carolina. I guess that a crowd of 65,000 people doesn’t compare to those in world capitals. In fact, there are 23 Pride Events in the state. The first Pride March started in 1981 in Durham on the East Campus of Duke. Beginning in 2000, Pride Events spread to communities outside the Triangle. Of course, everyone had to take a break during the Pandemic.

Gay pride events have been disparaged as just a lot of big parties. The balloons and costumes are our way of expressing joy. We are due a time of celebration. Given the long history of discrimination, public events in which the LGBTQ+ people can meet, are major steps in achieving public acceptance and understanding.

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Love Only Knows Equality

Wikipedia lists 47 active national LGBTQ+ organizations, that does not include religious (29 Christian, 11 Jewish, 9 Muslim), or 12 Medical. Student organizations are local to a specific campus. That seems too fractured when trying to present a unified front on anything. It also does not include state or local organizations. How can we get or reject legislation at any level or counter the extreme media coverage by the Republican Party that casts us as evil.

Before I retired 30 years ago, I was a member of the National Lesbian Gay Journalists Association. We got a small group of the national leaders at that time together for the first time at a gathering at the National Press Club. Since I’m out of the loop, such efforts still may be happening. I hope so.

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