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"Humanity before religion."

Do We Need a New Freedom from Religion?

The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, which at that time meant freedom from state-sponsored religion that was common in Europe. A portion of your taxes could be involuntarily applied to pay the expenses of the state religion. You could not belong to another church, and if you wanted to express your beliefs that didn’t follow church doctrine...,

Public Policy

Immigration Reform Now

The Immigration Crisis Keeps Growing

Immigration Reform has been a political football for 40 years, and there seems to be no solution in sight. That’s why it was a surprise when the U.S. Senate proposed non-partisan legislation this month. Its chances looked good until Trump threw a firebomb, and the Speaker of the House caved and said he wouldn’t even put a bill up for a vote. The Senate quit. The Republican strategy has been to stall until Trump takes office again. Immigration on the southern border is no longer an issue of Mexican migrants crossing the border for seasonal agricultural work. It involves millions of people from Central and South American, particularly from the failed states....


Politics in a Cracker Barrel

Politics in a Cracker Barrel

The primaries in North Carolina will be March 5th. No real contest on the Presidential candidates. The Governor’s race is tighter with the Democrats having two leading candidates that may run to the wire. ... The Democrats also appear to have a contest for Attorney General, and they may take back the Insurance Commissioner’s slot. The Gerrymandering of legislative districts is still being contested, but the ballots in the NC primaries follow the new alignments. Speculation is that the GOP will gain more seats from NC in the Congress. They already hold a majority in the House & Senate in the NC General Assembly....


Trans Rights Are Human Rights

This Week’s News about the LGBTQ+ Community

The big news is from the Pope, who has announced the blessing of same-sex couples. This is not gay marriage. It is an acknowledgement that LGTQ+ people are humans to be accepted within the Roman Catholic church and should not be condemned. He hedged on whether homosexuality is still considered a sin. This is a major step, and it is one that has upset a lot of bishops. Unfortunately, most of the news has been about the continuing war against the transgender community. It’s a big battle in the schools, in GOP politics, and access to health care.


Traveling Ain’t What It Used to Be

Traveling Ain’t What It Used to Be

I enjoy looking at my travel photos because that’s all the travel I can afford to do anymore. My infrequent flyer miles would get me nowhere. I couldn’t get through security because the TSA wouldn’t allow me to carry the long shoehorn that I would need to get my shoes back on. My passport has expired, and I might have died by the time I got a new one. RDU charges more for parking for one night than I spend to eat out. The hotel bill for one night in a major city would cost more than my grocery bill for a month....


The Impact of Journalism

The Beginning of the End

Digital enterprises have lost revenue as well as streaming media models. News consumption is so heavily oriented to the social media market, which refuses to pay the sources of its news, sometimes even refusing to cite the source. Newspaper unions have become more active, and the lengthy Screen Writers’ Guild strike also created public notice of the power of unions. They may counter some of the power of the media corporations, but it will be a struggle. In addition to the many problems related to the business models of various media organizations, the lack of trust in the media is compounded by the broad attack of misinformation promulgated by the GOP. Donald Trump gets huge media play, but he personally has created a lot of that mistrust simply to feed his ego and political strategy.