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General Conference Reconciles Over LGBTQ Issues

General Conference Reconciles Over LGBTQ Issues

LGBTQ+ clergy now may be ordained and serve without threat of the loss of their ordination. Same sex marriage now is permissible. The homophobic language was struck from the Social Principles, which was the source of the contentious squabble for the past 52 years. The church will be able to focus on evangelism rather than to continue to debate dogma....

Public Policy

Trying to Get a Handle on the Climate Crisis

On the Climate Crisis

The scope of the climate changes taking effect is so vast that it is hard to focus on one aspect of the problem. The world weather is changing so fast that dramatic actions are needed now. The damages and recovery costs are real and not theoretical. Disasters linked to climate and weather extremes have always been part of our Earth’s system. But they are becoming more frequent and intense as the world warms. No continent is left untouched, with heatwaves, droughts, typhoons, and hurricanes causing mass destruction…. 90 per cent of disasters are now classed as weather and climate-related, costing the world economy 520 billion USD each year....


North Carolina Elections Are Still in Flux

NC Elections Still in Flux

In recent years, the North Carolina General Assembly seems to be trying to do everything they can think of to favor one party. New rules, new regulations, and new procedures keep the county election boards jumping to keep current. The Republicans say that Democrats did the same for decades, and that’s true. Politics always has been a blood sport, but it seems to be particularly so in recent years...


PrideLife Business Expo 2024

PrideLife Business Expo

Harmony NC - LGBT+ Allied Chamber of Commerce held its annual trade show, the PrideLife Expo, at the Raleigh Convention Center on Saturday, April 13th. Exhibitors included a variety of services: business, finance, professional, personal, health and healthcare. I think that healthcare was the largest category....


Orange County Courthouse

Hillsborough: History with Charm & Wit

The township of Hillsborough survived the Civil War intact, and a major surrender of Southern troops occurred at the Bennett Place in Durham just a few miles east. The stone for the original West Campus of Duke came from a quarry near Hillsborough. It's about a 45-minute drive from Raleigh, and it makes for a pleasant day's outing.


Community Theater

Community Theater

Community Theater in the Triangle has rebounded following the pandemic that saw a lot of the smaller companies without university support go out of business. I have been surprised how many of the small suburban community companies have sprouted up in recent years. The exception is the Temple Theatre in Sanford which has been around for more than 40 years of high-quality productions. It is supported by patrons in Pinehurst, Southern Pines, and Aberdeen who travel by bus....