Goodbye God, We're Going to Texas by John SuddathWhy another book about a victim of Alzheimer's Disease? Hasn't the tragic story been told many times before? Mary Louise's story includes AD as the final chapter of her life, but the real story is that of a successful career woman, dedicated Christian, child of the Great Depression, and community activist. Although she never married, family was very important to her - not only her immediate family and blood relatives, but also friends, co-workers, and students, who also became a part of her immediate family. She kept the ties through regular correspondence, phone calls and long distance travel with dozens of her "family." In the man's world of her time, she persevered in a new career in the health care field as a physical therapist. Her life and her interaction with those she loved is a case study covering the major diseases of our time: tuberculosis, polio, heart disease, and AD. The theme of each chapter is devoted to a health care issue, and the summary in the epilogue focuses on some of the current debate and possible solutions for improving health eldercare in the United States today.

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Goodbye God, We're Going to Texas: A Search for Health and Happiness is the biography of a truly vibrant woman, whose life spanned a successful career, dedication to her Christian religion, survival in the lean years of the Great Depression, activism in her community, and more. Though she never married, family was quintessential to her, as were neighbors and friends. Alzheimer's disease marked the final chapter of life, but that far from defines the whole of her contribution. Her biography is unique in that each chapter also makes note of a different health care issue, from the spectre of tuberculosis that loomed over her early years to her work in physical therapy.

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