Pride Eagle 2014Pride Eagle 2014

A friend of mine asked why I hate Trump. I don't hate him personally like I did George Bush. He is a demagogue and buffoon that can't help who he is. What concerns me is what he already has done even before he assumed office. 1) He has made us the laughing stock of the world who are not amused by his antics. 2) He has created uncertainty and concern with his stance for denying the facts of a) we are in a global economy, b) that climate change is not just a theory but an issue of immediate concern.

He won because of his direct appeals to fear, racism, denigration of women, gays, and immigrants. He broke open the wounds of the hatred after the eight years of our first African-American President and made it acceptable not only to speak with hateful words but even to act with violence without fear of punishment. He has again split our racial divide wide open and even incited riots.

I don't know where he stands on the LGBT community. He talked a lot about us a lot, but I think that a lot of that was to appeal to the right-wing lunatic fringe. He claimed that he was speaking as a defendant of the working class, but all you need do is look at his cabinet appointments. Although Hillary Clinton would not have been such a loose cannon, I'm not sure how different she would have been since she is clearly a part of the New York City financial clique. Another friend told me that they are personal friends and that the election was sort of an inside joke between them. The mere fact that she is attending his inaugural speaks volumes.

I was not surprised by the Russian cyber-attack. Several years before the treaty, we attacked Iran and destroyed their centrifuges. The Chinese attack on Sony received a lot more publicity even though it was business sabotage rather than an effort to infiltrate the American election system.

I have read a lot recently from pundits in the past who predicted that democracy would collapse as we were susceptible to manipulation by propagandists. The evolution of social media and the collapse of traditional media provided the opportunity for the "reality TV" expert to show how he could manipulate the media, the polls, and the public. I wonder if it is all just a big joke to him or an effort to further inflate his megalomania. Obviously, he has lots of psychological issues as well as an ignorance of even 4th grade geography.

I deny the advice to just wait and see what happens. The philosophy of hope for the best but prepare for the worst is inadequate. Obama once jokingly commented to the Wall St. bankers in the 2008 crisis that he was all that stood between them and the pitchforks. Well, now I say it's time to bring out the pitchforks and not just lobby and petition but to promote civil disobedience like we haven't seen since the 1960's. I'm ready to march with John Lewis.