Former President Donald J. TrumpFormer President Donald J. Trump

I am reluctant to discuss anything about Trump since I think the less the media talks about him the better. He feeds on attention, particularly TV. The search warrant revealed the FBI was looking for Top Secret documents. Why, or how they got there remains to be seen. It appears to put the Donald at a perceived higher risk of indictment. Some have speculated about the possible charges, but those are just guesses. The ultimate charges may well involve issues unrelated to misuse of public records. The records simply may have contained evidence of other crimes. I expect that he will be in jail before 2024. The former aides are deserting the sinking ship out of concern for their own culpability. Even some true believers are having second thoughts. Yes, he is still a danger to the republic, and we may never know the full extent of the damage that he has caused.

A curious footnote: The club is on the National Register of Historic Landmarks and is the former winter home of Marjorie Merriweather Post. Trump bought it in 1986 and converted it into a private club in 1994. The house itself has 126 rooms and encompasses 62,500 square feet. That doesn’t include numerous surrounding buildings and a pool. The interior design is over-the-top, which suits Trump’s taste. It is not considered a secure facility.

The Democrats have complained that Attorney General Garland was too slow in his investigation and didn’t seem interested in pursuing January 6th or other issues. Well, the search certainly woke up everyone (to use a phrase the Republicans hate.) It was not only unexpected by the media; it was unprecedented. His lawyers had advance notice even if the Secret Service only got an hour’s notice. The radicals are ranting and raving and making serious threats. The violence against government officials and/or agencies already has broken out and probably will spread.

I just wrote about one of Biden’s signature pieces of legislation, so I won’t rehash that again. I think it is more interesting to read about the speculation about inflation and recession. It seems to turn in the wind every day. I’m not an economist, but I think either side of the coin will play an important role in the mid-term elections.

The Democrats are pushing to get a same-sex marriage bill through the Senate before the recess, but I think that would be a real stretch. The question is why the Senate first considered this bill rather than consider a pro-abortion bill from the House. Abortion is such a hot button issue on both sides of the aisle, that it is risky for individual politicians to stick out their necks. They may play to their base, but their districts may be split on the issue. It probably is the most volatile political issue in decades, and a real dilemma for most politicians. Yes, a lot of state legislatures already have passed draconian bills, but they are likely to be challenged in court. The bills really haven’t settled anything long-term regardless of what the Supremes have said.

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